Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template

Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template is our most versatile template when it comes to presenting your company to the next level. This prebuilt template contains an overall potential to show the capabilities of your business, from image sheets and marketing up to in-depth financial perspectives. Your perfect tool to stand out and achieve your goals. With the 136 provided slides, fully customizable which produce an infinite number of possible slides, there is nothing left to be desired. The customizable features this template has to offer, are easy to use text modules, picture frames, and links organized in a pleasant PowerPoint storyline format.

For the personal aspect, there is even the possibility to change the color theme, with one click, for all sheets, shapes, and symbols. To communicate the right appearance, there are lots of diagrams and icons to choose from in order to create your personal sheet of important topics just as the Business Plan Executive Summary, Products & Services, Goals and Objectives, Acquisition & Strategy, Budget Breakdown and the Financial Forecast just to name a few. Inferential, the Business Plan PowerPoint is the tool to present your company or projects convincingly for third parties or even just an annual internal performance presentation. 

Download Google Slides Version Here

Download Keynote Version Here

Key Features:

  • 2448 Total Slides
  • 136 Clean, Simple & Creative slides
  • 2 Aspect Ratio ( 4:3 & 16:9 )
  • 9 Premade colors, 90 Color Themes included
  • Just One Click for change the colors and auto recolored
  • Free Fonts and Icons
  • Fully and Easily editable content
  • All objects are vector and smart objects
  • Save your time with Ready Image Holder
  • Slide Master ready for all Slides that contain Images and Photos
  • 6500+ Icons! easily change size & color

Template content:

- Executive summary

- Products & Services

- Goals and objectives

- Acquisition & strategy

- Budget breakdown

- Pricing

- Business processes

- Marketing

- Financial forecast

- Image Layouts

- Success Factors

- Key Differentiators

- Business Plan Pricing

- Marketing & Self Promotion

- Market Research And Analysis

- Define objective

- Determine the research design

- Management Team

- Funnel Infographic

- S.W.O.T analysis

- Security Puzzle

- Comparative Analysis

- Financial Growth Timeline Infographic

- Monthly Parallel Timeline Infographic

- Opportunity Timeline Infographic

- Agenda Slides

- Company Overview

- Company Profile

- Team Introduction Slides

- Stage Infographic

- Process Infographics

- Circle Infographics

- Cycle Infographics

- Ring Infographics

- History Timelines Infographic

- Company Timelines Infographic

- Stage Infographics

- Timelines Infographic

- Pyramid Infographic

- Sales Funnel Infographic

- Arrow Infographic

- Infographics Slides

- Mock-ups Slides

- Portfolio Slides

- Maps Infographic

- Break Section Slides

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