ADDIE Model Keynote Presentation Template

ADDIE Model Keynote Presentation Template

The ADDIE model is an instructional systems design (ISD) framework used by many instructional designers and training developers to create courses. The word is an English acronym for its five phases:  Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. The etymology of the name itself is obscure, but the basic learning systems design concepts included in it come from a model developed for the US armed forces in the mid-1970s.

Instructional theories are important in the design of instructional materials and include behavioral, constructivism, social learning, and cognitive theories. So if you work in any of these fields, even in the military, you definitely need the Best ADDIE Model Keynote Presentation Template on the net, which we provide.

Phases of ADDIE


The analysis stage clarifies the educational problems and objectives and identifies the learning environment as well as the knowledge and skills that the learner has. There are some specific questions addressed in the analysis phase.


The design phase is concerned with learning objectives, assessment tools, exercises, content, topic analysis, lesson planning, and media selection. The design phase should be systematic and specific. The term methodology means a logical and organized method that defines, develops and evaluates a set of specific strategies to achieve project objectives.


In the development phase, guideline designers and developers create and assemble the content features described in the design phase. If the plan includes e-learning, programmers develop or integrate the technology. Designers create also storyboards, debugging of materials and procedures is also done.


The implementation phase develops procedures for training assistants and learners. Training assistants cover the course syllabus, learning outcomes, method of communicating information, and examination procedures. Preparation for learners includes training them with new tools (software or hardware) and enrolling the learners. The implementation also includes design evaluation.


The evaluation stage consists of two aspects: formative evaluation and summative evaluation. Formative assessment is present at every stage of the ADDIE process, while summative assessment is conducted on the final educational programs or products.

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