25 Best Business Diagram Templates for Google Slides Presentation

25 Best Business Diagram Templates for Google Slides Presentation

Business management has become a vast field of knowledge and practices that focus on organizing, planning, and analyzing business activities. It is the key to ensure the success of any business of the project. With the different fields of business management, a massive variety of models and required visual representation of data has emerged. Now, it requires more and more skills when working on presentations used in business meetings or company conferences to deliver the best informative experience to your audience.

Worry not, Nulivo has gathered all the best business models and diagrams templates for Google Slides presentations in 2022 in one place for you to choose. Your needed template is in our collection of Business diagram Google Slides templates and will ensure the best resulting presentation. Our templates will guarantee you have the perfect diagrams and model representation with a touch of innovation and creativity in every single one of our templates.

All our templates provide multiple layouts, hundreds of editable well-designed slides, and thousands of customizable icons, with a huge collection of color themes and fonts to choose from, with the ability to apply the changes simple with just one click, giving you an infinite diversity of designs that will suit any kind of presentation.


1. Customer Journey Map Google Slides Presentation Template

Customer Journey Map Google Slides Presentation Template


Creating a customer journey map can help you, and your company visualize how customers feel at all brand touchpoints, as it leads to a better understanding of the customer's expectations and needs and the way they interact with the brand, which will have a significant impact delivering the best experience for your customers.
With our Google Slides customer journey map templates, you will be able to represent your customer journey map creatively and make the best decisions for your business.


2. 30 60 90 Day Plan Google Slides Template

30 60 90 Day Plan Google Slides Template


A successful 30-60-90 day plan helps you to better adapt to your new job and work environment and prove to your employer that you know your role within the company. Although the plan is usually created during the final stages of the interview process or in the first weeks of the new job, the main benefit of these plans is to set the goals and strategy for the first three months of the job.
Our 30-60-90 day plan Google Slides template will help you show your understanding and dedication to the company, making the process of creating such presentations an effortless and time-preserving job.


3. Go-To-Market Strategy Google Slides Template

Go-To-Market Strategy Google Slides Template


A Go-To-Market Strategy Google Slides Template can be used to launch a new product into the market, to introduce an existing product to a new market, or even relaunching one, it clarifies why you’re launching your product, who it’s meant for, and how you’re going to get the customers to engage with and buy it, therefore, building trustworthy relationships with them. In short, the main focus of go-to-market plans is targeting the direct consumer that will make the purchase decision. Therefore, having a solid go-to-market strategy will have a great impact on the success of your business.


4. Timeline Diagrams Google Slides Template

Timeline Diagrams Google Slides Template


A Timeline diagram is a visual representation of a series of events over a period of time, it helps the viewer to clearly understand a process or the development of a project or any other sequence of events.
Our timeline diagrams Google Slides template provides a hundred unique designed easily editable slides, and more than 3000 customizable icons, to help you enhance your presentation with clear and fancy diagrams showing your info with great ease and time-saving process.


5. ADDIE Model Google Slides Presentation Template

ADDIE Model Google Slides Presentation Template


The ADDIE model is the most commonly used model for instructional designing and developing educational and training programs and courses and is mainly used by instructional designers and training developers, in the fields of instructional materials design, including behavioral, constructivism, social learning, and cognitive theories.
The model consists of five phases: Analyze phase, Design phase, Develop phase, Implement phase, and Evaluate phase, which is the name of the model is derived from.
So when you are working on a project and you need to design an ADDIE model, your best choice would be using our ADDIE model Google Slides template.


6. Innovation Management Google Slides Template

Innovation Management Google Slides Template


Innovation management is the process of creating and introducing something new in order to develop the business, it may be a new product, process, or idea, and the main focus of innovation management is to help the company seize any available opportunity toward the growth of the business, and reach a common understanding of goals and processes.
It is a complicated task to create a good innovation management template to use in your presentation. Still, by using our Google Slides innovation management template, you will design your presentation in a much easier and faster way.


7. ADKAR Change Management Model Google Slides Template

ADKAR Change Management Model Google Slides Template


ADKAR is an acronym for:
- Awareness of the need to change.
- Desire to participate in and support the change.
- Knowledge of how to change.
- Ability to implement the change.
- Reinforcement to sustain the change.

The ADKAR model is meant to be used when you want to develop your business by setting up a robust plan to make a change.
The ADKAR change management model Google Slides template provides creative, unique and professionally designed slides that will produce infinite possibilities to create the desired presentation of your ADKAR model.


8. Tuckman's Team Development Model Google Slides Diagram

Tuckman's Team Development Model Google Slides Diagrams


Bruce Tuckman developed the theory of 5 stages of team development: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning, with the goal of achieving a level of harmony between the team members and finding the best collaboration between them.
Tuckman's model gives an understanding of how new teams develop and establish relationships between team members, in order to reach a state that will lead to the best performance of the team members toward the organization's goals.


9. DMAIC Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template

DMAIC Diagrams Google Slides Presentation Template


The DMAIC process is most known for eliminating inefficiencies within a project through a structured, customer-focused, data-driven approach to solve complex problems with existing methods, DMAIC is an acronym for Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control which are the phases of this management process, that first defines the problem and goals of the project, then measuring the process and its parameters, analyzing the parameters to identify the root causes of the problem, improving the parameters depending on the analyze results, and finally controlling the improvements and merging them with the base process.


10. VUCA World Google Slides Template Diagrams

VUCA World Google Slides Template Diagrams


When working with any project of the development process, it is beneficial to define and visualize any difficulties or tricky situations that might face these processes, one of the commonly used methods to do that is the VUCA world diagrams.

VUCA is an acronym that stands:
- Volatility: is the measure of the project being subject to changes.
- Uncertainty: means the unpredictability of upcoming events and the outcomes.
- Complexity: refers to the interconnectivity and interdependence of multiple components in a system that may be changed over time.
- Ambiguity: is the lack of clarity and the difficulty of understanding exactly what the situation is.

VUCA World Google Slides Template Diagrams are designed to handle all these factors and visualize them in a pleasant way to keep all the challenges and facts in mind.


11. Challenges and Solutions Google Slides Template

Challenges and Solutions Google Slides Template


Hurdles and challenges are a part of any developing project, handling these hurdles require comparing each challenge with its corresponding solution, which will make it easier to draw the strategies to overcome these obstacles and ensure the success of the project.
Challenges and Solutions Google Slides Template provides a clean approach to do this task by putting challenges next to solutions for a higher understandable comparison, with the aid of a huge collection of icons and shapes to design the perfect presentation.


12. Chevron Process Flow Google Slides Diagrams

Chevron Process Flow Google Slides Diagrams


With chevron process flow Google Slides Diagrams, you can visualize steps or actions in a process with the use of cyclic or linear arrows that will help point out the directions of the process flow elegantly, instead of using old traditional diagrams that might be boring or insufficient for this task. 
Whether your process is linear or repetitive or even infinite, our template will cover any situation and meet your needs, with a lot of resources to add beauty to the presentation.


13. Venn Diagram Google Slides Template Designs

Venn Diagram Google Slides Template Designs


Venn diagrams is a great tool to separate similarities from distinctions and therefore are used to represent relationships between sets of objects, which made it a very helpful way to better understand a process through understanding the inner relationships between its components.
Using Venn diagrams is very common to create infographics that represent these relations, and with our Venn diagrams Google Slides template the task became a lot easier and requires fewer skills and less time, with a great variety of layouts and geometrical shapes to fit any needs that may be facing you. 


14. Organizational Chart Google Slides Template

Organizational Chart Google Slides Template


Explaining the internal structure of an organization with details about roles, responsibilities, and relationships between its components may be a hard task, but a necessary one in some situations.
With the aid of our Google Slides organizational chart template, you will be able to visualize how members of your company work together and how the internal processes are organized, no matter what business you are in or the type of your organization, the template will cover all the needed designs with its flexible layouts, well-designed slides, shapes, and icons.


15. Onion Chart Diagram Google Slides Template Design

Onion Chart Diagram Google Slides Template Design

Onion Chart Diagram Google Slides Template is a modern group of diagrams that were made for multipurpose use in presentations, an onion chart diagram is one of the best diagrams to use when visualizing certain data in hierarchy form.
Our Google Slides template comes with a variety of pre-styled shapes and infographics to achieve the desired diagram design with the ability to adjust the themes and colors very easily which make it very easy to translate your design into a great looking presentation that can deliver your data in an elegant and fancy way. 


16. House Diagrams With Pillars Google Slides Template

House Diagrams With Pillars Google Slides Template


A collection of simple column-based diagrams that are designed like pillars forming a house or temple depending on the number of columns used, where you could have your simple data in these columns in addition to a headline title within the roof of the diagram.
This kind of diagrams can be used with any presentation regardless of its subject, and the task will become a lot easier when you use our House diagram with pillars Google Slides template, because of the huge variety of options that will make adding elegance and beauty to your presentations a matter of few clicks.


17. Steps Process With Text Boxes Google Slides Diagrams

Steps Process With Text Boxes Google Slides Diagrams


Visualizing a process doesn’t have to be a complicated design with a lot of shapes and geometrics, as it may make it harder to understand and deliver to your audience.
Steps process with text boxes Google slides diagrams helps you represent simple processes with a simple and clear diagram of arrows and text boxes, this set of innovative slides focused on this kind of process visualization, designed by professionals and styled with beautiful themes that can be edited and changed with just one click, with a huge collection of customizable shapes and icons to enrich your presentation and give you the ability to create the best representation of your processes and data.


18. Center Spheres Google Slides Diagrams Template

Center Spheres Google Slides Diagrams Template


Google Slides center spheres diagrams template provides a collection of layouts to create center sphere diagrams designs.
Center spheres diagrams are a great tool to represent data while focusing on some key piece of information that needs to be highlighted, alongside some text areas to view the data related to the topic.
The template’s slides and layouts give a huge number of variations to be able to represent any information using this kind of diagrams, you will also have the ability to change fonts and colors and a great set of customizable icons and shapes, so you can create a modern and unique presentation that will fit in any scenario.


19. SMART Goals Google Slides Presentation Template

SMART Goals Google Slides Presentation Template


Goal setting is a necessity to create a solid foundation in which you can build the success of your business, the main benefit of goal setting is focusing attention and resources on the important points to be able to achieve the priorities you set for your project.
S.M.A.R.T is a method to describe your goals in a clear and focused way, and it is an acronym for: 
Specific: the goal must be clear and unambiguous.
Measurable: means that you must be able to measure the progress toward the accomplishment of the goal.
Achievable: the goal must be attainable.
Realistic: must be relevant and can be realistically achieved given the available resources and time.
Timely: with a clearly defined timeline, including a starting date and a target date.


20. Fishbone Ishikawa Diagrams Google Slides Template

Fishbone Ishikawa Diagrams Google Slides Template


Fishbone diagram is a kind of what we call cause-and-effect diagrams used to represent all the causes and comprehensive facts that lead down to an effect on a solution or a problem, which can be very helpful in viewing the problem from all different angles.
Google Slides fishbone Ishikawa diagrams template helps you create such diagrams in a time-saving and straightforward way. The template has 20 excellent customizable slides to give you an endless number of possible combinations.


21. Risk Matrix Google Slides Diagrams Template

Risk Matrix Google Slides Diagrams Template


Risk matrix is mainly used by decision-makers during risk management to define the level of risk by considering probability or likelihood against the expected consequences.
Risk matrix diagrams are one of the visual representations of project’s risks, and it is used to aid the performing of tasks such as lowering the upcoming risks or choosing which risk to take and which to avoid, in the risk matrix diagram the risks are visualized so that the worst-case scenario can be determined at a glance.
Risk matrix Google Slides diagrams template provides a set of layouts to show the risks in a table up to six-by-six spots with boxes to fill up with risk factors, alongside the possibility to customize all the shapes to create a presentation that can be used in the development sessions in any kind of business.


22. Stairs Diagram Google Slides Presentation Template

Stairs Diagram Google Slides Presentation Template


Stair diagrams can visually communicate the different steps involved in a project or process by presenting the process step by step using a set of elements like bars, columns, pillars, or charts.
This stairs diagram template for Google Slides has imaginative slides that will make it very easy to create the needed diagram with features like step diagrams combined with the timeline, or the pillar diagram with x-y axis for other uses to fit exactly to your personal application presentation.


23. RAIDAR Model Google Slides Template

RAIDAR Model Google Slides Template


Risk management is an essential process during any project to assess and control threats that can affect the project, one of the commonly used models in risk management is the RAIDAR model. 
RAIDAR is an acronym for: 
- Risk: which is a part of any project.
- Assumption: that can build up to an appreciation of a project.
- Issues: events and actions that need to be observed.
- Dependencies: influence involved events or persons.
- Action: to handle all the factors of risks.
- Repairs: having control over the process and controlling the damage.
RAIDAR model Google Slides template is a great tool to get you started with using RAIDAR model easily without the need for extra skills, with its flexibility, customizable layouts, and diversity of visual resources.


24. Lists Google Slides Presentation Template

Lists Google Slides Presentation Template


Lists Google Slides presentation template provides a wide collection of layouts and professionally designed slides and shapes to represent any kind of lists: horizontal, vertical, numbered lists, and a lot more creative designs.
The template is multi-purposed and may be used in any professional presentations.
Using lists, you can almost describe any type of data in a simple and meaningful way, it can be a list of tasks, steps in a process, to-do lists, key business highlights, or any kind of information. 


25. Agenda Google Slides Template Diagrams

Agenda Google Slides Template Diagrams


Agenda diagrams are a way to introduce your topics before starting the presentation or to summarize or offer the main headlines and the related topics, it helps arrange the presentation and dividing it into related blocks which helps to guide the audience during the presentation and keep them on track with delivering the information in an understandable and logical way.
Google Slides agenda template is a collection of pre-styled slides that are designed to help you add any kind of agenda diagram into your presentation with the ultimate flexibility and customizability in the simplest effortless way.



With hundreds of professionally designed slides, thousands of icons and editable vector objects, and a great deal of color themes and fonts, and nearly any kind of layout you may need, Nulivo’s collection of business templates for Google Slides will be your best choice for designing business presentation regardless of the type of business or the size of your organization, with the minimum skills and time needed, which will keep you focused on the information you need to deliver to your audience while giving them a unique visual experience that is both entertaining and informative.

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