Best PowerPoint Templates with Amazing PPT Presentation Designs of 2024

Best PowerPoint Templates with Amazing PPT Presentation Designs of 2024

If you are looking for some of the best and modern PowerPoint templates, then you are at the right place. Nulivo will provide you with a full stack of options and a wide range of professional PowerPoint templates that suit all your needs. There are thousands of PPT templates available on the internet, but finding the finest for you may be a hard and overwhelming process. Designing cool and productive slides for a presentation can be a very difficult task and can take hours, even days if you are experienced with PowerPoint. Especially if you want to create an engaging and professional-looking PowerPoint template, so why bother when we can save you all that time for a small amount of money in exchange for slick and wonderful PPTs that cover all fields and domains.

Thankfully, Here in Nulivo, we have gathered the coolest and most reliable PowerPoint Templates in different styles to make your presentations more unique and easier to be done. In this article, we share some of those creative PowerPoint ideas and types you can use to design attractive slideshows for your presentations. To give you a better insight on the extensive collection we have for all with a brief summary of each So that you can easily get started on your own PowerPoint slide deck without an effort.


1. Full Access Pass - Best PowerPoint Infographic Templates

Best PowerPoint Infographic Templates


As the headline suggests, this is not a PowerPoint template, but instead, every element you may require for each kind of PPTs ever. 1450+ infographic slides with Circle, Pyramid, Steps Process, Funnel, timelines, lists, and much much more. It’s the perfect bundle for both designers and non-professionals to create great presentations with the most wonderful infographics. They are all designed by professionals, and easily editable and can be filled with your personal content of any type or for all purposes. all objects are vectors, and they are fully customizable, and the huge collection of icons are smart objects that can easily change size and colors preferably without losing resolution or missing a point you have in mind!


2. Project Proposal PowerPoint Template - Amazing Business Proposal PPT Template

Amazing Business Proposal PPT Template


A Project Proposal Template (PPT) is a PowerPoint presentation in which you present to potential sponsors or clients to receive funding or approval. And because Project Proposals carry important data about your project or business, they are essential for finances as they use them to evaluate your project and determine whether they will grant you the thumb up. So the key point is how to convince those of your idea and make them absorb all the information they need in a single and simple, yet informative, presentation. And that’s where this clean Project Proposal PowerPoint Template comes into action.


3. Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template - Best Marketing Strategies PPT Presentation

Best Marketing Strategies PPT Presentation


Since the development of an effective and profitable marketing plan is now crucial more than ever, this template offers great potential to display the importance and possibilities of your project or concepts. With multiple topics of prebuild slides and icons, the range of options to choose from is unlike any other to make your marketing plan more than an advertising plan. But defining your customers, explaining their demands and determine the product’s benefits. The marketing plan also put into words and shapes the details and costs of the products, analyzes the rivalry and clarifies some competitive strategies. The Marketing Plan PowerPoint Template will highlight the important aspects of the marketing document, serving as a marketing plan magnification.


4. Farm & Agriculture PowerPoint Presentation Template - Beautiful Agriculture PPT Template

Beautiful Agriculture PPT Template


If you have a company or a project based on the farming and Agricultural industry, then you surely will love this PowerPoint template. The Farm & Agriculture PowerPoint Presentation Template is a business-related presentation layout with an agricultural theme to give you a specific set of slides suits this work environment. And because of the fact of Agriculture’s main dependence on food or biofuel production, this industry includes some diverse amount of data that need to be exhibited properly and show your projects awareness on the upcoming consequences in the future. To get a trustworthy and catchy presentation, showcase the team and experts, timelines and infographics, data and numbers use this green gradient smooth Farm & Agriculture PPT template that will make your statistics conclusive for everyone.


5. Digital Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Template - Top Digital Marketing Proposal PPT

Top Digital Marketing Proposal PPT


If you are about to present your next digital marketing project or campaign, The Digital Marketing PowerPoint Presentation Template is a great option to consider. And because the digital presence of any company is an important marketing factor, this template was designed to express it at its best. With stylish slides of the introduction on your project and the vision you stand for, alongside detected slides for SWOT infographics, team management, several diagrams, maps and timelines, it will get a close and better connection with your clients. You will also have multiple slides from social media up to e-commerce insights, and the right analysis tools and for them all. If things get serious and big numbers popped up, make use of several data charts which are easily editable via Microsoft Excel to fit in your visual workflow.


6. Challenges and Solutions PowerPoint Template - Simple Challenges and Solutions PPT Template

Simple Challenges and Solutions PPT Template


Challenges and Solutions PowerPoint Template is a collection of ready-to-fill layouts addressing upcoming hurdles in a business or project and how to handle it. Hurdles are part of every venture, and to overcome those it takes strategic moves. And one of the chooses we offer is the Challenges and Solutions PPT template, which is designed to compare a challenge or a problem and how to answer with a solution and proper work. The Challenges and Solutions PowerPoint Template is a great presentation to any brainstorming session or internal process analysis. Solutions and Challenges are shown side by side for a highly understandable comparison, visualized in easy-to-read geometrical shapes and infographics.


7. Timeline Infographics PowerPoint Template - Best Company Timeline Infographic PPT Templates

Best Company Timeline Infographic PPT Templates


The Timeline Infographics PowerPoint Presentation Template is a huge collection that includes tens of clean, Simple and Creative slides to visualize any space of time in your next presentation. This template is a must for every presentation that has to preview time management, plans or deadline. Marketing planning, business management, or event schedules. From standard timelines layouts to very specific timetables, this timeline Infographics template serves. Let your audience see the great historical background of your company or some highlights in your career. Another useful addition is the ability to compare single timelines, which is perfect for project management.


8. Simplicity PowerPoint Presentation Template - Professional Multipurpose PowerPoint Templates

Professional Multipurpose PowerPoint Templates


The Simplicity PowerPoint Presentation Template is a well-built and simple mechanism to set forth your company and prove its visual identity. Start your presentation with a neat introduction of your business all the way to get an overall of your capabilities and services. Tell your audience about the company’s mission and what makes it individuality. The template contains several sheets to point out the qualities of your business and great integrated SWOT analysis layouts, plus a huge collection of team and employee layouts with images and short descriptions and social media channels mockups, websites, and the corresponding devices that they are used on. On top of all of that is a huge collection of infographics to visualize data and hard-facts about the most various topics in a very attractive design.


9. Editable Checklist PowerPoint Template - Modern Checklist PPT Template

Modern Checklist PPT Template


What is better than checking the last task on your to-do list?! The Editable Checklist PowerPoint Template offers you a great variation of checklist for every sort of tasks or framework in any field of industry. Checking the parameters of your process or business ensures that all the actions are taking place the right way and make monitoring is a lot easier. The provided slides include checklists in a great variation to fit your particular needs. Make use of different types of lists, Checklist especially for managers, Checklists for Audit System Information, or Arrow Checklists with a fully customizable text module and a checkmark icon next to it. There is even the possibility to set up whole tables of a checklist, to handle a more complex variety of parameters.


10. Risk Management PowerPoint Template – Best Risk Management Process PPT

Best Risk Management Process PPT


Every move in business is correlated to a risk! To visualize the risks within your projects and get good control of them we have designed the Risk Management PowerPoint Template. The provided template is a collection of layouts and infographics to work and analyze your upcoming threats or the risks that you have to handle. Point out the risks with several infographics or use them as personal analysis tools. And To get a more in-depth look of your response, describe the whole risk management process to your audience in a well understandable way that explains the types of upcoming risks in your project and present challenges within the market or other fields of interest.


11. Real Estate PowerPoint Template - Stylish Real Estate PPT Template

Stylish Real Estate PPT Template


Real Estate is an immense industry covering not only homes and houses but also, construction, rentals commercial spaces and much more. With such variables and the current state of the market of demand and offer, the governmental regulations and financial matters issued by banks and investors, keeping an eye on everything is crucial in order to keep a strong relevance to the industry. Thus, Real Estate PowerPoint Template can help you create a welcoming experience for customers using the prebuilt slide deck. You can also monitor trends and changes with the yearly market trends and sales reports slides and compare and display finance tables.


12. Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation - Best Company Profile PPT Template

Best Company Profile PPT Template


Impress your attendee with the easy-to-use Company Profile PowerPoint Presentation Template, designed for great brand identity with many creative and modern slides that ensure you complete your goal in its best shape with slides varies from the business plan and project layouts up to data charts and financial forecasts with your logo showed from time to time of so you can guarantee the name of your company will always be in the mind of who have seen this whole and complete Profile PowerPoint Presentation on each necessity you see important to boost your company reputation and outcomes.


13. DMAIC Model PowerPoint Template - Unique Six Sigma Project PPT Template

Unique Six Sigma Project PPT Template


If you are looking for only a data-driven quality strategy used to improve your processes or present its details then DMAIC Model PowerPoint Template is the one for you! The letters in the acronym represent the five phases that make up the process, including the tools to use to complete those phases and the steps of specifying the goals of a project or a strategy to be achieved for the best results possible with this nicely done and clean-cut DMAIC Model.


14. Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template - Top Business Plan Template PPT Presentation

Top Business Plan Template PPT Presentation


Business Plan PowerPoint Presentation Template is one of our most versatile templates when it comes to presenting your company to the next level. This prebuilt template has the potential to show the capabilities of your business, from the very detailed financial perspectives to the wide marketing methods, this Business Plan PPT is your perfect tool to stand out in the crowd and achieve your goals with 136 perfect slides, fully customizable to produce an infinite number of possible outcomes, there is nothing left to be desired, from Business Plan Executive Summary, Products & Services, Goals and Objectives, Acquisition & Strategy, Budget Breakdown to the Financial Forecast, just to name a few.


15. Electricity PowerPoint Presentation Template - Electrical Energy PPT Template Presentation

Electrical Energy PPT Template Presentation


You think of creating this kind of presentation yourself or spend a lot of time searching for the best one? We have saved you the trouble. The Electricity PowerPoint Presentation Template offers a great sequence of high-quality slides to especially fit the electricity industry and more slides to cover the various stages of the electricity process within an economic context. Tell the audience about your vision and convince them to consider your services. For a personal aspect and a characterful presentation introduce your team and the experts you are working with. To get a strategic view on projects or visions, there are dedicated slides like timelines, company achievements, and electricity infographics, alongside several editable data charts.


16. Tuckman’s Team Development Model PowerPoint Diagrams - Stages of Group Development PPT Presentation

Stages of Group Development PPT Presentation


The forming–storming–norming–performing model of group development was first proposed by the American Psychological Researcher Bruce Tuckman who said that these phases are all necessary and inevitable in order for a team to grow, face up to challenges, tackle problems, find solutions, plan work, and deliver results. Thus, this Tuckman’s Team Development Model PPT is inevitable for your success too. Tuckman’s Team Development Model evokes the strategy to improve internal structures of a team, a better collaboration, and strong relations between individuals. Define each stage with its corresponding actions that need to done with your team. The overall team effectiveness and development is displayed adequately in a realistic charts that explain everything you are up to.


17. Medical And Healthcare PowerPoint Presentation Template - Best PowerPoint Template for Medical Presentation

Best PowerPoint Template for Medical Presentation


You a medical healthcare presentation and need more time to prepare yourself and almost ran of time? Fear not, the Medical and Healthcare PowerPoint Presentation Template was made for you. So if you are in need of a stylish presentation for your work or study in the healthcare and medical industry you will get all things necessary in one place. This Medical and Healthcare PowerPoint PPT contains 90 custom master slide layouts, picture and text placeholders, Infographics slide, portfolio, sections for your institution or team, some mockups and pricing tables.


18. Steps Process with Text Boxes PowerPoint Diagrams - Creative Step By Step Infographics PPT Template

Creative Step By Step Infographics PPT Template


If you are more into simple text-driven presentations while having a lot to talk a lot and explain in a clean ordered and organized way, then Steps Process with Text Boxes PowerPoint Diagrams is a great collection of slides to visualize data and facts within a simple linear process. It’s easy to use and effortless PPT to improve communication with your audience and representing relations in a pleasant way. Showcase information nicely next to each other in any process or point out several facts, operating in a sequential order to lead out for the best result.


19. Process Infographics PowerPoint Template - Modern Steps Infographics PPT Template

Modern Steps Infographics PPT Template


Having concise plans or strategies is the most fruitful take for your business. Describe your processes with this Process Infographics PowerPoint template in an outstanding way. It not only manifests key goals or plans but also impresses your audience. These Adobe Illustrator computable process infographics designs can be used for any profession and for all sorts of presentations, whether you need to speak for the accounting, business, or educational process, the unique process infographic template accommodates all your presentation needs. You can even accompany any sort of data with Process Infographics PPT that can go with any project type, and you will certainly like it if you prefer a circular diagram and cool colors that can be changed as wished.


20. SIPOC Diagrams PowerPoint Template - Colorful SIPOC Process Diagrams Template

Colorful SIPOC Process Diagrams Template


In process improvement, a SIPOC (sometimes COPIS) is a tool that summarizes the inputs and outputs of one or more processes in table form. It is used to define a business process from beginning to end before work begins. The acronym SIPOC stands for suppliers, inputs, process, outputs, and customers which form the columns of the table. Therefore, the SIPOC diagrams PowerPoint Template helps you describe the internal processes to your supplier up to a customer-related result within 5 illustrated steps.
The SIPOC Diagrams PowerPoint Template is a huge collection of smart SIPOC infographics that are useful in nearly any form or size business. From small uprising startup ups to big influential companies. Diagrams show the moves, which have to be done in these five different steps and set them to a category. Also, use this tool to monitor your strategic activities, and get more accurate ratings of your actions and thereby improvement in your business.


All the templates offer a wild range of slides and they are all editable and customizable with a variety of free fonts, a huge collection of icons, theme colors, and aspect ratios with fully and easily editable content.
Those templates, besides every other one on our website, are handpicked for you from thousands of PowerPoint presentation ranged from dull and old to wonderful and elegant, and we have surely just have chosen the best and put the elite PPTs in Nulivo, so no need to look anywhere else, just take a look and decide for yourself.

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