Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates (Getting Started Guide)

Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates (Getting Started Guide)

Being the owner of a company or a brand that provides certain services and products requires the knowledge of the details of your customer journey. Are you sure you know that well? Most of those who answered yes to this question were dumbfounded when they mapped their customer journey and discovered that what they knew wasn't enough to map a satisfactory customer journey. It might seem simple; you offer a product and they buy it. But if you look closely, you can easily realize that the customer journey is getting more and more complex.


What is the Customer Journey?

A customer journey is a process through which a customer interacts with a company to achieve a specific goal. Customers today interact with brands in many difficult-to-define ways. From gaining brand awareness via social media, to receiving a “Thank you for buying our product” email after a successful transaction, and there are usually many varied steps in between.


What is the customer journey map?

A customer journey map is a visual representation of a customer's journey. It helps you tell the story of your customer's experiences with your brand whether your customers are interacting with you via social media, email, live chat, or other channels. This process helps business leaders improve and personalize the customer experience.


Examples of customer interaction with your brand:

Customers can interact with your brand in countless ways. Some examples include:

- Read a promotional article on your blog.

- Access your website through a search engine.

- Follow your brand on different social media channels.


What is the benefit of a Customer Journey Map?

The customer journey map includes several benefits, of which we mention:

- Allowing you to compare the customer experience your customers want to what they receive.

- Understanding the differences in the personalities of potential customers.

- Creating the type of content that attracts customers to your product.

- Helping you develop and improve your services.

- Attracting and retaining customers.

- Increasing your sales.

- Achieving success in e-commerce.

However, the biggest benefit is simply understanding your customers more. The better you understand their expectations, the more you can adapt the customer experience to their needs.


How to create a customer journey map?

- Set clear goals for your map.

- Highlight the personalities of the target customers.

- List all touchpoints.

- Select the items you want your map to appear.

- Define what resources you have and what you will need.

- Put yourself in the customer's shoes.

- Make the necessary changes to the map periodically.


Some questions a customer journey map should have for customers to answer:

- Where/how did you hear about our website/company?

- What drew you to our website/company?

- Have you ever purchased with us?

- How satisfied are you with this experience? On a scale of 1 to 10

- Have you ever faced difficulty while navigating our website?

- What is your preferred method for providing more support and making the process easier?


1. Customer Journey Map PowerPoint PPT Template

Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates

This inspired template is designed to create a successful customer journey map that enables you to attract more customers and achieve more success, it is easy to use and fully customizable, it contains slides on:


Customer Life cycle: It represents all stages that customer goes through, it starts with Awareness through Interest then Desire then Action and end with Loyalty.

Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates


Customer Life Journey: Describes the customer journey from discovering and ordering the product to buy and owning it.Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates


Retail Customer Journey: Which shows the in-depth interaction of the customer with the employees who indirectly provide him services, and the accidents and problems that he may encounter and finding solutions for them.Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates


User Journey Map: To know customers' emotions and expectations and get their feedback to improve the quality of your services in the future.

Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates


There are also slides like Customer Journey Management, customer Journey Model, Customer journey Canvas, and more.


What is Customer Experience Management?

It is the process of surveying, analyzing, and enhancing customer interactions with your product. This system monitors different customer touchpoints and evaluates how to improve their experience. By bringing more value to customers to enhance your business, build stronger relationships with them and ensure they are loyal to your product in the long term.


2. Customer Experience Management PowerPoint Template

Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates

It is one of the best PowerPoint templates ever and is fully customizable with all its elements and components. This template will satisfy your aspirations to know your customers' experience with your product in all the stages they go through, from ordering the product to purchasing it, so that you can improve your services and raise the quality of your product. It features 5 indispensable slides to improve customer experience such as:


Customer Experience: To attract new customers and learn the personalities of existing customers to ensure they remain loyal to your company.

Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates


Customer Experience Design: To determine which customers are the best, their favorite products, which touchpoint they use, and when their experience was ideal with your product.

Best Customer Journey Map PowerPoint Templates


In addition to other slides to monitor the customer's experience and know their desires and meet them to provide exceptional customer experiences in the future and keep your company and your products always up to expectations.



Providing a simplified and enjoyable experience for potential customers will help keep them engaged as you drive sales forward. When you understand your customers' needs and preferences you can increase your productivity by focusing your digital marketing improvements on the customers' touchpoints that need the most help. Empower yourself to create consistent customer experiences that align your digital marketing strategies with the high-quality digital content your customers expect from your organization.

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