Best Google Slides Themes and Templates to Make Creative Presentations in 2023

Best Google Slides Themes and Templates to Make Creative Presentations in 2023

Google Slides is one of three main methods for slideshow presentation used worldwide, and it is not only free but also very convenient, as some users find Google Slides Presentation is much more compatible than PowerPoint. they can import and export graphics, text formats, PDFs and even PowerPoint presentations without a struggle. They can publish their creations to the Internet quickly and easily too. So If you have an important upcoming presentation and are a Google guy looking for themes for google slides, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve gathered the 20 Best Google Slides Themes and Templates to Make Creative Presentations in the most professional outcome without the need to spend any time on designing. This collection of google slides themes includes templates for company profile, marketing, businesses, startups, educational purposes and many more.
The best part is that they are creative and easy to use. You simply select the template that matches your needs, fill out your texts and place your images so that you will have the presentation you’ve always thought about.


1. Annual Report Google Slides Theme For Presentation - Professional Google Slides Themes

Annual Report Google Slides Theme For Presentation - Professional Google Slides Themes


The year has passed and you have to summarize it in a visual presentation but need more time to work on gathering info and must recap everything? Don’t worry, this Annual Report Google Slides Theme For Presentation will guarantee you won’t miss a thing. 2900 slides that range from the company profile or introductions to mock-up devices, executive summary and products & services all the way to financial overview, objectives and goals for future years. Give it a try and you won’t regret after seeing what it’s capable of!


2. Company Profile Google Slides Presentation Template - Creative Google Slides Presentation Templates

Company Profile Google Slides Presentation Template


Introduce your company or agency with its team, accomplishments, performance and progress in this beautifully designed Company Profile Google Slides Presentation Template with a lively theme that is so ideal for creative agencies and work portfolios. Featuring 195 unique slides in total, which includes 90 color schemes and the best infographics on the subject plus a full set of everlasting icons, this Company Profile Google Slides template is incredibly engaging and easy to customize or add all the means necessary to impress your audience.


3. Marketing Plan Google Slides Theme For Presentation - Cool Google Slides Templates

Marketing Plan Google Slides Theme For Presentation


In light of fierce market competition, having a marketing plan is a must. Not to mention you are not going anywhere if you are not prepared with the right vision and tools to make It true, but how to get it to your team or employer? Well, this Marketing Plan Google Slides Theme will do it for you! With almost three thousand slides and every kind of content you need on the subject, like market strategy, goals and objectives, timelines, Marketing Research, mission & vision statement, S.W.O.T analysis slides and much more all included here, you will make the marketing plan an actual strategy for sure.


4. Project Proposal Google Slides Presentation Template - Best Business Google Slides Templates

Project Proposal Google Slides Presentation Template


You are not going far without a proper way to put forward your thoughts exactly the way you thought of it and exhibit every detail of it to whom it may concern. It may be a business proposal, a business strategy or plan, marketing method or any new idea you think will get you in a better situation but you need to prove it and show how, Project Proposal Google Slides Presentation Template will do this for you with a wide range of options that work with what are you up to, backing the Presentation up with all the necessary tools you may ask for.


5. Business Plan Google Slides Theme For Presentation - Minimal & Creative Google Slides Theme for business

Business Plan Google Slides Theme For Presentation


Make your future business plans firm and solid with the help of this well-built Google Slide template. These slides come up with sufficient space to evoke various strategies about the way to achieving desired goals without any failure. The interactive design of this Business Plan Google Slides Theme grants your plans a more interesting touch. Highlight your upcoming milestones by using the easily accessible template and share a worthy plan with your fellow team members or employees. The design presents 2448 total slides, 136 clean simple & creative slides with aspect ratios of 4:3 & 16:9.


6. SWOT Diagrams Google Slides Template - Colorful Google Slides Templates

SWOT Diagrams Google Slides Template


SWOT analysis, or SWOT Matrix, is a framework that identifies and analyzes how the internal and external factors of any process impact a certain project, product, place, industry, or person on the basis of four major elements: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. the first letter of these 4 elements is the acronym which forms this popular framework that we brought you the best Google Slides Template of it in 2023. This SWOT analysis diagram Google Slides Template can be used for your business or your problem-solving strategy and is fully editable via Google presentation software or Adobe Illustrator with ease.


7. Circle Infographics Google Slides Template - Premium Google Slides Templates

Circle Infographics Google Slides Template


This multicolored Circle Infographics Google Slides Template is a perfect choice for your presentations this year and can also be used for a number of topics related to business, management, marketing, planning, economics, etc. This collection of ready-to-go rich circular graphics for Google Slides contains 61 creative and fully editable slides, through the main software or Adobe Illustrator, have many variations options for shapes and designs. They all are visually appealing, with easily modified color schemes, so all you need to do is adding your texts, resize or move the shapes and icons as you like and, voila! enjoy the circles!


8. Real Estate Google Slides Theme For Presentation - Professional Google Slides Presentation Template

Real Estate Google Slides Theme For Presentation


If you own a company that operates in the real estate industry and need a reusable and engaging presentation to showcase all your properties as well as get more sales and interested customers, just try this Real Estate Google Slides Theme. Show them what you do, what do you offer and your ongoing projects or constructions with all the services you offer in very attractive and infinite options in this real estate listing presentation, additionally to real estate snapshot, executive summary, market activity, real estate trends and demand, real estate opportunities, market analysis and timelines, real estate sales growth, real estate home sales, real estate price index, real estate mortgage rates, etc.


9. Timeline Diagrams Google Slides Template - The Best Themes for Google Slides

Timeline Diagrams Google Slides Template


A timeline diagram, or timeline flowchart, is the presentation of a chronological sequence of events along a drawn line that lets viewers understand temporal and prospective relationships quickly. Timelines are useful to record any type of development, providing an easy-to-understand history and helping viewers to understand past and ongoing trends. That’s why there are plenty of reasons to use this Timeline Diagrams Google Slides Template, then get benefit from its wide of beautiful and useful shapes and charts to pinpoint each even in the most interesting way!


10. Product Roadmap Google Slides Template - Best infographics for Google Slides

Product Roadmap Google Slides Template


You are a product manager who is looking for the best product roadmap examples to show your product’s history from start and finish in a context going from initial design and specification to iterations and launch. Another way of considering a product roadmap is a set of tasks and milestones plotted against a time frame It’s a detailed description of how you get a product finished and launched. But in both cases, product Roadmap Google Slides Template can be useful for stakeholders and product development or even marketing teams. This simple and rich roadmap template has 5 Quarter Content Calendar Roadmap, six months content calendar roadmap, Targeted Segments Multiple Performance, Timeline, key events and much more.


11. Venn Diagrams Google Slides Template - Simple & Minimal Google Slides Templates

Venn Diagrams Google Slides Template


A Venn diagram is a widely used diagram style that deals with logical relation between sets and was popularized by English mathematician John Venn in the 1880s. The diagrams are meant to illustrate simple set relationships in probability, logic, statistics, linguistics and computer science. A Venn diagram, very often, uses closed flat circles or ellipses curves to represent sets of data in an attractive way that attracts the attention of the audience without sacrificing the importance of the info you are giving with this Venn Diagrams Google Slides Template.


12. PESTLE Analysis Google Slides Template - Modern Google Slides Themes

PESTLE Analysis Google Slides Template


PESTLE analysis is a fundamental tool for planning and business strategy. It is a method of assessing your business' environment and the possible impact on your company’s performance. PESTLE is an acronym that stands for 6 external factors affecting every business: political, economic, sociological, technological, legal and environmental factors. Each of these can have a profound effect on your business and varying implications, and what is the best way to visualize PESTLE framework with Google Slides in 2023? It’s our PESTLE Analysis Template of course! With all tools and shapes it provides very clean and plain pestle analysis model examples.


13. Medical and Health Google Slides template for presentation - Multipurpose Google Slides Template

Medical and Health Google Slides template for presentation


We have chosen this professional Medical and Health Google Slides template design for healthcare, doctors, and medical professionals to grant a great presentation at conferences, hospitals, businesses, or even universities. Customize your healthcare or medical ideas and make the best hospital presentation quickly with this eye-appealing template and create your medical Google Slides presentation worth the time of the staff and give them what they need with premium medical PowerPoint themes that stand out for you and your concerns.


14. Organizational Charts Google Slides Diagrams Template - Premium Google Slide Templates

Organizational Charts Google Slides Diagrams Template


An organizational chart, Org Charts, is a diagram that visually conveys the internal structure of an organization or company or business by detailing the roles, responsibilities, and relationships between its individuals and clearly outline the hierarchy within an entity. Organizational charts may broadly deal with an enterprise company-wide or go to a specific department or unit. Whatever was the case, this Organizational Charts Google Slides Diagrams Template will have you covered. The employees and positions are represented by well-organized boxes, some include photos, titles, groups for managers and their Staff, icons and illustrations.


15. Funnel Infographics Google Slides Template - Creative Google Slides Presentation Template

Funnel Infographics Google Slides Template


The use of Funnels diagrams has been dramatically increased in the digital era because of its ease in use and understandability, plus the broad possibilities it offers and how funnel infographic templates can illustrate complex processes smoothly. Funnel diagrams can assist you in designing the sales process, process flow, customer insights, a process where downfall occurs, or steps with declining ratios or portions and will definitely enhance any demonstration where you need to present a linear process that has successive associated steps. Here in Nulivo, you will find one of the best modern designs of infographic funnel for Google Slides.


16. Marketing Diagrams Google Slides Template - Business Google Slides Template

Marketing Diagrams Google Slides Template


Marketing is either a success or a failure factor in the 21st century, and if you are not doing it right, then you are risking the reputation or even existence of your company or business, but why gamble when you have this Marketing Diagrams Google Slides Template? A simple and modern design contributes to a great range of options and layouts, alongside premade infographics which can be used with different topics like market analysis, targeting, workflow, strategy comparison, or performance overview. The Marketing Diagrams Google Slides Template is a useful collection of templates to enrich any marketing-related presentation.


17. World Maps Google Slides Template - Simple Google Slides Presentation Template

World Maps Google Slides Template


Yes exactly, the whole world is between your hands at its best form! This fine design of Google Slides Template will aid in any presentation you will make on any country or subject related to geographical or population or even resources-wise matters with helpful infographics on each one that gives you the easiest way to deliver you in the most delightful and neat World Maps Google Slides Template in 2023. 257 Slides contain a map of some specific area or counties alongside a text module as well as every country is shown with its surrounding international and internal provinces borders. It is possible to color different areas pointing out the place of action, you will also find all the states of the USA.


18. Education Google Slides Presentation Template - Best Google Slides Templates For Teachers

Best Google Slides Templates For Teachers


Use this Google Slides Presentation Template for any purposes related to a school or educational institution to make the best for the people who want to know and make sure you provide leading services for your students or applicants. Talk about your school and its history without forgetting the difference you make and the courses you offer. Show your team of teachers and professors and their expertise, besides some infographics and charts to enhance the image of Education Google Slides Presentation to its most.


19. Risk Management Google Slides Template - Elegant Google Slides Template

Elegant Google Slides Template


This risk management Google Slides Template is a combination of written information, infographics and charts illustrate how organizations' risk management policies and procedures help reduce the risk to a safe level and ensure the company runs smoothly. It can show the progress made in reducing costs and dangers, which will infuse confidence amongst employees. Additional use of this ERM Google Slides Template is to enlighten your attendees on the different risks that can affect your company. Risk Management Google Slides Template can easily be modified and editable as required to suit your enterprise's need with ultimate ease and freedom.


20. Management Team Google Slides Presentation Template - Stylish Google Slides Template

Stylish Google Slides Template


Want to introduce your Management Team in the best way possible in your Google Slides Presentation? But you are sick of old styles and too tired or lack the experience to create a nice and worthy Management Team presentation. Don’t worry at all, we have got you the finest way to show off one of the most important assets in today’s business, convincing your potential customers or investors to trust you and your company’s administration. Use the several layouts to reveal the relation of your team and members or internal structures in different ways, show how your team works and the interactions between each member.


We have provided you with a collection of professional Google slides Presentations that can make all the difference between having a successful presentation or just boring your audience to finally lose their interest. Thus, stop wasting time on designing a slide deck from scratch and chose one of our best pre-made presentation templates in 2023 that can save you time and effort and ensure your demonstration of any kind or topic will hit its target with us achieving desired results for not only one show, but each one in the future.

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