Best Keynote Templates (With Simple Modern Design Ideas) for 2023

Best Keynote Templates (With Simple Modern Design Ideas) for 2023

Microsoft has PowerPoint, Google has Google Slides, but what about Apple folks? KeyNote for sure! Keynote is the software used by students, professionals, and anyone who needs to make a fantastic slideshow presentation with their Mac and IOS. 
Some say Keynote presentations are better looking and easier to use than PowerPoint presentations. And like many Mac software, Keynote delivers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that the majority of users with basic computer knowledge will be able to figure out how to work with this tool quickly.

But If you are a Keynote user you should have already known that and you are here looking for the best choices for your next presentation. Don’t worry, Nulivo covers it all and we have picked excellent Keynote templates with simple and modern designs in 2023 that range from Projects Proposal templates to company profiles and many other specific keynote presentation templates that suit all your need!


1. Project Proposal Keynote Presentation Template - Best Business Proposal Keynote Template

Best PowerPoint Infographic Templates


In the need of a project proposal Keynote Presentation Template? We have brought you one of the best out there to impress clients and/or help you successfully display your way of being profitable to your team and business as a whole. In this Project Proposal Keynote Presentation Template, you will find elegant premade slides for the introduction and summary to introduce the project. Slides for your vision and missions and goals for the company or business. Problem definitions and solutions, the targeted audience and customers of your proposal, a financial forecast, and budget breakdown. Timelines and detailed charts in addition to diagrams with satisfying Infographics, SWOT Analysis, Maps of a number of world’s counties and many other options to get you where you please.


2. Timeline Diagrams Keynote Template - Timeline Flowchart Keynote Template

Timeline Flowchart Keynote Template


There is a project or a detailed and accurate plan you have to follow precisely and you must to show how and when? This Timeline Diagrams Keynote Template will put you and the audience on track, fully informed about your schedule and arrangements you have on mind and paper. Attract the attention of the business’s owner or clients with this capturing and efficient keynote theme for your project timeline diagram or upcoming schemes without missing a thing or get them bored!


3. Simplicity Keynote Presentation Template - Best Keynote Template for Mac Presentations

Best Keynote Template for Mac Presentations


Though the name of this template is Simplicity, and indeed it is simple, but it’s just like Keynote software and its environment, plain yet so proficient. This great Keynote Presentation Template can work with any subject in mind, as it’s packed with all kind of ready to fill slides; From introductions and What You Do to Company’s Charts and Team, not to mention timelines as well as mockups for social media platforms and the electronic devices we use daily. The Simplicity Keynote Presentation Template is a loaded template with everything may be in mind to present in the most elegant and explicit way.


4. Digital Marketing Keynote Presentation Template - Modern Keynote Template

Modern Keynote Template


Nulivo equip you with one of, still, the most attractive and well-organized Digital Marketing Keynote Presentation Template in 2023. Very clean and beneficiation slides that lack nothing related to digital marketing. You start with a table of content, then summarize your marketing initiative or mission and vision, and show your objectives in different styles, use SWOT analysis, talk about marketing strategy, targeted market or customers, revealing growth strategies, business partners and budget. Social Media Platforms are no exception too, plus a huge collection of infographics to include all the data you have in a pleasing Keynote Presentation.


5. Annual Report Keynote Template For Presentation - Creative Keynote Template

Creative Keynote Template


An annual report is usually a comprehensive report on the company's activities throughout the preceding year, Thus, the annual report is meant to offer shareholders and other interested people the required information about the company's activity and financial performance. Therefore, you need the right template to present the best annual report presentation, and that what we offer here. This slick keynote template provides you with all necessary tools, AND WE MEAN ALL, to have a full-stack, informative and premium annual report that will make the past enjoyed to see and inspire the future!


6. Venn Diagram Keynote Template Designs  - Best Diagrams for Keynote

Best Diagrams for Keynote


A Venn diagram uses overlying circles or shapes to illustrate logical relationships between two or more sets of items. They often organize components graphically, highlighting how the items are similar and different. Venn diagrams are widely used in mathematics, logic, statistics, teaching, business, and many other fields. So, whatever your purpose is this Venn Diagram Keynote Template Design will put forward your data in a colorful catching way that will make it easy to absorb and explain. This Venn diagrams template is surely one of the best in 2023.


7. Challenges and Solutions Keynote Template - Best Keynote Infographics Templates

Best Keynote Infographics Templates


Every business or organization will confront a circumstantial problem or challenge that need to be fixed. Don’t waste time on how to arrange the visual basis of the challenge and the way out of it. Just write down what you have in mind and the addressed solution then shows the benefits with this Challenges and Solutions Keynote Template after choosing the preferred style while making things simple to express and understand what are you facing with best challenge Challenges and Solutions presentation.


8. Startup Keynote Presentation Template - Pitch Deck Keynote Template

Pitch Deck Keynote Template


Getting support and the desired acceptance is not an easy task for any startup in today’s circumstances, but not with Startup Keynote Presentation Template! This wonderful pitch deck has the ultimate tools to make the utmost of your idea, project or product with slides and infographics of all kinds needed for any startup team who puts high hopes on their presentation using Keynote software. Stand out of the crowd and get what you want with the best Startup Keynote Presentation in 2023.


9. Europe Maps Keynote Template - Top Modern Keynote Template Designs

Top Modern Keynote Template Designs


You are about to present a subject about Europe and need some, or even all, the maps of each country in it, plus you have seen enough of the dull and impractical templates. Then just use this exquisite Europe Maps Keynote Template which will save you the troubles as well as supply your presentation with best maps of the European Union countries, in addition to infographics for demonstration purposes, such as demographic and geographic analysis, among others.


10. Best Business Plan Keynote Template - Professional Keynote Presentation Templates

Professional Keynote Presentation Templates


A professionally designed business plan template for Keynote is crucial for any upcoming presentation that you have great expectations of, this Keynote Template includes 136 useful and beautiful slides for various purposes. The Best Business Plan Keynote Template comes in a blue modern theme with stylish layouts and high-quality graphics. You will find slides for SWOT analysis, financial forecast, company values and achievements, image layouts, pricing plans, timeline, training program, success factors slides and many more.


11. Company Profile Keynote Presentation Template - Modern Business Keynote Template

Modern Business Keynote Template


Make your business presentation pain-free, professional and excel. Don’t waste time on creation process, just download this ace template and spend the rest of the time on preparation for your speech speaking about your achievements and objectives. This multipurpose Company Profile Keynote Presentation Template comes with a huge number of infographic designs and icons. Additionally, it fits for any type of corporate or company you have, any images can be easily added or edited in via Keynote software with modern look and a flat design that has 90 themes color.


12. Marketing Plan Keynote Presentation Template - Minimal & Clean Keynote Templates

Minimal & Clean Keynote Templates


Ann Handley, Keynote Business Speaker, says: “Quality content means content that is packed with clear utility and is brimming with inspiration, and it has relentless empathy for the audience.” And that what this Marketing Plan Keynote Presentation Template is all about! It catches the attention of your audience with clean harmonious slides in a template full of tools that will aid your aim in getting your presentation straight to the point with enough market information, such as price curves, volatilities, interest rates, and similar information.


13. SWOT Analysis Diagrams Keynote Template - Beautiful Keynote Presentation Template

Beautiful Keynote Presentation Templates


A SWOT analysis is a visual examination tool that often used to identify strengths and weaknesses in work or personal life situations. It helps with making decisions and planning for the future. A SWOT analysis diagram is formed by a 2x2 grid and each quadrant has an outline of the subject's four elements: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT). So, if you are dealing with a business’s strengths and weaknesses, for example, and you must analyze the opportunities and threats that abound in the marketplace, this diagram SWOT analysis tool keeps viewers informed about internal and external causes that affect the company's route. SWOT Analysis Diagrams Keynote Template utilizes a simple and interesting layout to quickly and efficiently address the issues that need to be discussed.


14. Pyramid Diagrams Keynote Presentation - Professionally Designed Keynote templates

Professionally Designed Keynote templates


A pyramid chart has the form of a triangle with lines dividing it into sections which will have a related topic or idea placed in each section. Because of the triangular shape of it, each section has a different width from the others; this width maintaining a level of hierarchy among the topics. With this modern and fresh Pyramid Diagrams designs for Keynote that suits all needs and purpose with lovely colors and shapes you won’t need to spend a minute in creating your own pyramids, just choose the one you like and fill it!


15. Checklist Diagrams for Keynote Presentation - Modern Design Keynote Template

Modern Design Keynote Template


Will be making a presentation with a lot of lists and you are not in the mood to create a number of Checklist Diagrams from scratch in different and colorful styles? Why bother at all when we offer you one of the best Checklist Diagrams for Keynote Presentation! Here you find many trendy checklists that can be used like inventory checklist, maintenance checklist, daily or weekly checklist and even to do checklist. The options are infinite and we have the classy ones.


16. Chevron Process Flow Keynote Diagrams - Amazing Keynote Templates

Amazing Keynote Templates


Chevron shapes showcase essential points or issues to your audience visually in a business presentation usually. A chevron diagram, or flow diagram, represents the steps or actions of a process in either a cyclic format or by using linear arrows. Elements that may be included in Chevron flowchart are a sequence of actions, materials or services entering or leaving the process, decisions that must be made, people who become participated, time spent at each step, and/or process measurements. But how will you fit all that data while maintaining a neat and eye appealing presentation? You can do it with Chevron Process Flow Keynote Diagrams and its 20 Creative slides, plus 3000+ Icons!



17. Construction Keynote Presentation Template - Cool Keynote Presentation Template

Cool Keynote Presentation Template


Construction is one of Real estate’s development process which consist of purchasing raw land, rezoning, renovation and construction of buildings, as well as sale or lease of finished products to customers. So, if you think that can’t be included and shown properly with enough images refer to your work all in one Keynote presentation, then you are wrong. We introduce Construction Keynote Presentation Template which has made construction demonstrations never easier in 76 clean, simple & creative slides with the related infographics and charts, as well as 6500 icon to go to the smallest details!



18. Medical Keynote Presentation Template - Professional Keynote Design Template

Professional Keynote Design Template


This Medical and Health Keynote Presentation Template is designed for ambitious healthcare professionals. Whether it is a presentation of your institution and the medical services that you provide or a mere discussion with the health system, this template has you covered. The Flexible, Clean, Simple, and Creative 97 slides will get you high engagement with the audience. If you are a medical doctor, head of a healthcare institution, or a therapist just start with a great introduction of yourself or your job to ensure a trustworthy beginning. As trust is an essential factor for clients within their decisions in medical services it is important to stand out for your expertise and the quality of your services.



19. Editable Sales Funnel Diagrams for Keynote Presentation - Multipurpose Keynote Template

Multipurpose Keynote Template


You have already seen enough horrible and outdated funnels that you almost lost the hope to find the right one for your presentation or you can’t create your own anymore? We blame you not, but we are sure you have not seen our Editable Sales Funnel Diagrams for Keynote Presentation that is so easy to use and so attractive making your next demonstration of sales a mere brag of your ability to sell and show it off in the most charming way.



20. Circular Diagrams Keynote Template infographics - Minimalist Keynote Design Templates

Minimalist Keynote Design Templates


This pie like chart infographic keynote template can visually convey key parameter or elements in Circular infographic format. These circle infographic designs were made to satisfy the viewer and the presenter alike, as it is easy to edit and includes eye catching icons and vivid colors. Circular Diagrams Keynote Template infographics comprises of 52 fully editable slides with Just One Click to change colors and auto recolored, text, and photos to suit your personal or business preferences and style. Featuring a 16:9 & 4:3 screen layout, and 6500+ Icons!


All previous Keynote templates are simple, clean, creative, modern, unique, multipurpose and effortlessly editable. Each element is very easy to modify and you can smoothly change the color to match with your personal preferences or company’s brand. Save your time with those ready-to-fill slides and several premade color Themes. All objects are vectors objects, and they are fully customizable and animated, all icons used are a vector which means you can alter the size and colors the way you want without losing resolution with just a click or two.

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