25+ Best Business Diagram Templates for PowerPoint Presentations in 2023

25+ Best Business Diagram Templates for PowerPoint Presentations in 2023

Creating business PowerPoint presentations definitely requires using pleasant and informative diagrams to present your business model or idea to the customers, shareholders, or even your own team in the best way to grant better corporation. PowerPoint has some great features to make diagrams but creating one from point zero takes a lot of time and skills especially if you need a modern and unique business diagram. And not to mention there are many types and kinds of Business Diagrams that you can’t work out by yourself and you surely need a helping hand.

Nulivo has gathered you all the important and Best Business Diagram Templates for PowerPoint Presentations in 2023 in one place only. Our carefully designed Business diagrams PowerPoint Templates will grant your presentation a success, putting a perfect touch of innovation and creativity on each one. Aside from that each of the slides fit well with all sorts of business PPT.

We cover all related PPT diagrams and infographics to business so you will find Process Flow Diagram, Timelines, Tables, Project Status infographics, Tuckman’s Team Development Model, Onion Diagram, Marketing Diagrams, RAIDAR Models, and much more useful and necessary tools for any business, read on to discover the best PowerPoint templates for your needs!


5 Best Selling Business Diagram PowerPoint Templates

1. Full Access Pass - Unlimited Downloads
2. Customer Journey Map PowerPoint PPT Template
3. Editable Checklist PowerPoint Template
4. Risk Management PowerPoint Template
5. 30 60 90 Day Plan PowerPoint Template


1. Editable Business Diagrams for PowerPoint - Best Business Diagram Templates

Editable Business Diagrams for PowerPoint - Best Business Diagrams for Presentations


This distinctive set of Editable Business Diagrams consists of 138 editable PPT Slides that are bold and attention-grabbing, varying in different shapes and categories so you can find Circular infographics, Funnel infographics, Pyramid diagrams, Rocket and Fan like diagrams, SWOT, and more in one collection, that serves you well thus you focus on communicating while your presentation is catchier and attractive. You also have complete control on each slide which ensures total customization over the designing elements. Whether you want to change the theme color or the font size and shape via PowerPoint or Illustrator, it is absolutely an easy task. 


2. Process Flow Diagram PowerPoint Template - Powerful PowerPoint Business Presentation

Process Flow Diagram PowerPoint Template - Powerful PowerPoint Business Presentation


A flowchart is an illustration of the separate steps of a process in sequential order and the relationships between major components. It is a common process analyzing tool that can be used for a wide variety of purposes and describe various processes, such as a manufacturing process, an administrative or service process, or projects plans. The flowchart help clarify a sequence of actions or services joining or leaving the process, as well as the decisions that must be made, the people involved, the time needed at each step, and/or process measurements. In this Process Flow Diagram PowerPoint Template there are almost infinite options that you can choose from!


3. Puzzle Infographics PowerPoint Template - Elegant Business PowerPoint Diagrams

Puzzle Infographics PowerPoint Template - Elegant Business PowerPoint Diagrams


Very catching and straightforward Puzzle diagrams that give you the opportunity to create stunning visual representations in a very clean and simple way. You’ll find more than 50+ puzzle shapes that include; circles, shield, heart, money bag, bulb, suitcase and more puzzle Infographics we are pretty sure will suit your taste and subject in this easy-to-use PowerPoint template that will defiantly be a very powerful tool for capturing the attention of your audience and showcasing your ideas better.


4. Timeline Diagrams PowerPoint Template - Professional Business PowerPoint PPT templates

Timeline Diagrams PowerPoint Template - Professional Business PowerPoint PPT templates


A timeline diagram is a presentation of the chronological sequence of specific events along a certain line that lets viewers understand temporal and prospective relationships easier. Timelines are useful to record any type of development, providing an easy-to-understand history and helping viewers to understand thing better. Save all your time, efforts, and resources to utilize them on important events and communication after using whatever you like out of this Timeline Diagrams PowerPoint Template that has 100 timeline designs! All easy to use and completely editable to fit your plans exactly.


5. Project Status infographics PowerPoint Template - Business Infographics Presentation templates

Project Status infographics PowerPoint Template - Business Infographics Presentation templates


Is it time to check out how well your project is going so far and you need many diagrams and infographics to show the status of all its sides and details? Making all these will cost you more effort than preparing the material for the presentation itself, that why you need Project Status infographics PowerPoint Template. Report on the status or progress of you or your team's project with these amazing and creative infographics that will turn your reports astonishing with many different charts, graphs to represent the different stages and their current status in the most imaginative PPT.


6. Agenda PowerPoint Template Diagrams - Minimal & Clean PowerPoint Diagrams

Agenda PowerPoint Template Diagrams - Minimal & Clean PowerPoint Diagrams


Let’s say you are about to make an important presentation with many topics to cover. It is always a good idea to give the audience an overview of what key subjects you are going to talk about before you start, and that’s what Agenda PowerPoint Template Diagrams do. The PowerPoint agenda is the useful draft or plan of the meeting which includes a list of topics to discuss, a sequence of premeditated activities, or both. The simplest and most beautiful agendas are the 40 clever short-bulleted lists we offer. It’s like a lovely warm-up for the audience, and it also gives a structure to your presentation.


7. ADKAR – Awareness Desire Knowledge Action Reinforcement

ADKAR – Awareness Desire Knowledge Action Reinforcement - Best Business Diagrams for Presentations


Change is inevitable if you want to keep up with the transformations and developments of the market and its trends, but not all people find it easy to be done. Managers know that leading people through the change process can be frustrating even though they know it is a better way to do things, but people often push back against the change, or just prefer the old ways because it’s easier and more relaxing, this is where ADKAR comes to solve the problem. 20 catching ADKAR PowerPoint slides that will make the change easier than ever on you and your team.


8. Tuckman’s Team Development Model PowerPoint Diagrams

Tuckman’s Team Development Model PowerPoint Diagrams


Tuckman’s Team Development Model PowerPoint Template is crucial in any development strategy and management presentations to help organizations structure and analyze their team development strategies and understand their team’s behavior. These stages are considered universal to all teams despite the group numbers, purpose, goals, culture, and so on. We provide you with The Best collection of Tuckman’s models with all graphic visualization, diagrams and PPT slides designs you need to present the five stages of the team development process, Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning within 12 modern slides.


9. DMAIC Model PowerPoint PPT Template - Best Premium PowerPoint templates for business

DMAIC Model PowerPoint PPT Template - Best Premium PowerPoint templates for business


The letters DMAIC are an acronym for the words Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, they all are the core of modern processes management. DMAIC Model PowerPoint Template is a highly advantageous improvement process management tool designed for professionals in a huge variety of application ranges. Defined as the first step of specifying the goals of a project or a strategy that want to be achieved to get the best results possible. Therefore, we pack you up with 20 different DMAIC PPT diagrams that will like and use creatively to catch the attention of the audience.


10. VUCA World PowerPoint PPT Template Diagrams - Creative PowerPoint Business Presentation

VUCA World PowerPoint PPT Template Diagrams - Creative PowerPoint Business Presentation


If you are going to use VUCA World diagrams in your next presentation but sick of old designs and slides then you have found what you are looking for because this is the best in 2023. VUCA is an acronym, first used in 1987 and based on the leadership theories of Warren Bennis and Burt Nanus, and it stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. The particular meaning and use of VUCA usually relates to how people deal with the conditions under which they make decisions, plan forward, manage risks, adapt to change, and solve problems.


11. Challenges and Solutions PowerPoint (PPT) Template - Multipurpose PowerPoint Diagrams Template

Challenges and Solutions PowerPoint (PPT) Template - Multipurpose PowerPoint Diagrams Template


If you are a business manager, entrepreneur, or marketing professional, then solving problems is a vital part of your work. Every business or organization will confront a circumstantial problem or challenge that needs to be fixed. We advise you not to waste time on creating and arranging the visual presentation of the challenge and the way out of it. Just write down the problems and their solutions then show the potential benefits with this Challenges and Solutions PowerPoint Template after choosing the preferred design and make things simple for easier understanding about what are you facing with the best challenge Challenges and Solutions presentation.


12. Chevron Process Flow PowerPoint Diagrams - Clean Biz PowerPoint Diagrams Template

Chevron Process Flow PowerPoint Diagrams - Clean Biz PowerPoint Diagrams Template


Chevron diagram is a flow diagram that represents steps or actions within a process in cyclic shapes or linear arrows (chevrons). Chevron Process Flow PowerPoint Diagrams are used to highlight the direction of movement and phases in a flow. Chevron diagrams depict process stages in a more understandable and vivid way and in different forms that exactly fit your needs. Ordinary flow diagrams with blocks and normal arrows are outdated and they miss the main idea of any diagram, which is to display data that is easy to comprehend and analyze.


13. Venn Diagrams PowerPoint Designs Template - Modern PowerPoint Diagrams Template

Venn Diagrams PowerPoint Designs Template - Modern PowerPoint Diagrams Template


A Venn diagram uses overlying circles or shapes to express the logical relationships between two or more sets of items. Thus is a type of graphic organizer and a way to organize complex relationships visually, allowing ideas to be more visible, which makes them primarily a thinking tool. Venn diagrams are widely used in mathematics, logic, statistics, teaching, business, and many other fields. So, whatever your purpose is this Venn Diagrams PowerPoint Designs Template shows your data in a colorful capturing design that will make it easy to absorb and explain. This Venn diagrams template is surely one of the best in 2023.


14. Organizational Charts PowerPoint (PPT) Template

Organizational Charts PowerPoint (PPT) Template


The organizational chart, or org chart, is a diagram that displays reporting or relationships in a hierarchal way. an organizational chart is usually used to show the internal structure of a business, government, or other organization’s frameworks. Org charts have many applications and can be formed in many different ways. They might be used as a management tool or for planning, or even as a personnel directory. And although there are plenty of free organizational chart templates on the internet, you will find nothing more elegant and easily edited like this one.


15. Onion Diagram PowerPoint Template

Onion Diagram PowerPoint Template


An onion diagram is a chart that shows the dependency of among of the organization’s or process parts. The Onion Diagram displays items in concentric circles, where the items in each ring depend on the ones in the smaller rings, and it is a different way to display Information hierarchically. The template includes simple onion diagrams with only two-level, it was made to easily communicate the simple data effectively, some diagrams go up to five levels to show and visualize complex situations in a simple and easily understandable way. The designs are nice and minimal so the audience won't be distracted from understanding the important information.


16. Waste Management PowerPoint PPT Template

Waste Management PowerPoint PPT Template


You don't have to spend hours creating the slides for this kind of presentation, nor hire a designer for the task. You simply work on what you have to talk about and we back you with the best PPT visuals when you are about to give a presentation about Waste Management and recycling circles. Resize the shapes and add or delete icons according to your needs. You can also change the color theme or backgrounds and use recycling symbols and map pinpointing important locations. This Waste Management PowerPoint PPT Template is a useful tool for professionals and individuals who need to explain their data effectively in a short time.


17. House Diagrams With Pillars PowerPoint Template

House Diagrams With Pillars PowerPoint Template


House Diagrams with Pillars PowerPoint Template is a collection of simple column-style diagrams created in a house-like shapes to visualize simple facts and data. Some of the diagrams look like a house and others look more like the pantheon with 8 pillars, in addition to two houses diagrams next to each other, so you can choose the one that fits you best, serving a wide range of possible applications with these clean and simple premade layouts that vary in style and complexity across 21 PowerPoint slide, plus free 3000 icons and fonts.


18. Steps Process With Text Boxes PowerPoint Diagrams

Steps Process With Text Boxes PowerPoint Diagrams


This comprehensive collection of simple Steps Process with Text Boxes PowerPoint Diagrams template is used to visualize data and facts with a simple process linear order. The template is suitable for displaying complex data and information into effortlessly understandable graphics. It can work for business plans, marketing strategies, or performance reporting. And you can apply the slides to explain project previews or updates. The text boxes of the steps process come in different orders and shapes that you can alter adding the icons you like and talk about what you want in a clear and colorful presentation


19. Center Spheres PowerPoint Diagrams Template

Center Spheres PowerPoint Diagrams Template


The Center Spheres Diagrams are usually utilized to present statements around a circular center that have a relation to the subordinate content. Thus, Center Spheres Diagrams is a good choice for presenting various concepts for different purposes like process, management, relationship, development, and steps. It’s also ideal to represent project stages, workflow relationships, development processes and can be used to showcase sequence or step-by-step in a task or to describe business concepts like business growth, management structure, and progress in PowerPoint Presentations, along with differently designed PPT slides


20. Marketing Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Marketing Diagrams PowerPoint Template


Making sure the products you are selling or the services you are offering fit the needs and demands of the market is only the tip of the iceberg. You still have to figure out how you are going to market it and make sure your employees understand it well. This is where Marketing Diagrams PowerPoint Template comes into action. This PPT has 61 to cover the subject completely with slides for Marketing Trends and comparison and Analysis Infographics, Targeted List and Network Marketing Diagrams, Market Segmentation, Business Workflow and much more alongside 6500 icons to describe and imitate whatever you have in mind.


21. Fishbone Ishikawa Diagrams PowerPoint Template

Fishbone Ishikawa Diagrams PowerPoint Template


Ishikawa diagrams or fishbone diagrams, herringbone diagrams, cause-and-effect diagrams, or simply Fishikawa are causal diagrams created by the Japanese engineer Kaoru Ishikawa, and it shows the potential causes of a specific event. Common uses of the Ishikawa diagram are product design and quality defect prevention to identify potential factors causing an overall effect. Each cause or reason for imperfection is a source of variation (the bone). Causes are usually grouped into major categories (the fish) to identify and classify these sources of variation. We back you up with 20 different amazing styles in this Fishbone Ishikawa Diagrams PowerPoint Template that will be of use in your next presentation.


22. Risk Matrix PowerPoint Diagrams Template

Risk Matrix PowerPoint Diagrams Template


Risk Matrix PowerPoint Diagrams Template is a very valuable tool to find out and arrange the risks your company is facing in a prioritized way so you will make it easy for your team or attendees to comprehend all the sides of the problem and the possible and probable vulnerabilities that may inflict any operation. You will find different kinds of matrixes, from 2x2 to 5x5, all ready to take advantage of and easily editable 20 simple and creative PowerPoint slide which will make your presentation looks better and really informative. 


23. Stairs Diagram PowerPoint Template

Stairs Diagram PowerPoint Template


Stair Diagrams serve many industries and operate in different domains. The stair diagram can be made of various shapes with the purpose of showing an advancement or sequential steps. It is a great option for presenting projects, workflows, and processes. It can be beneficial for organizations and the Human Resources department or determining team work plans, etc. The steps range from two up to eleven so it handles all your data. An included feature is that some slides are combined with timelines and the possibility to improve your pillar-style steps diagram with X-Y orientation axes for a more scientific purpose


24. RAIDAR Model PowerPoint Template

RAIDAR Model PowerPoint Template


Business or project management of course always comes with a lot of risks and challenges; Risks, Assumptions, Issues, Dependencies, Actions, and Repairs all are essential. That’s why it can be a tough process and you need a tool to make it easier for you and your team. So if you are looking for a way to manage the associated project management risks via a PowerPoint presentation, then our RAIDAR Model is the right template for you. This simple yet outstanding RAIDAR Model PowerPoint Template is one of the best PPTs out there.


25. Lists PowerPoint Presentation Template

Lists PowerPoint Presentation Template


Infographic and diagrams help to create a mental image that viewers can remember longer and act with better than plain texts. Additionally, these diagrams and charts present a logical order of data which assists in understanding things. Therefore, lists are always powerful visuals that enhance any PowerPoint presentation that uses creative graphics and icons to display the information needed in the format of a list of steps of a process, key points, or any other data. This pitch deck includes different types of list designs that range from horizontal or vertical lists to creative and numbered lists that can be used to note down from 1 up to 10 steps/stages.


26. Tables PowerPoint Presentation Template

Tables PowerPoint Presentation Template


People respond to visual information better and like it more. So why use standard and boring PowerPoint tables when you have this awesome template and there is no need to start from scratch. Just do simple modifications and apply your texts to be ready for your next presentation explaining the data and numbers you have in a template will prove helpful. This Tables PowerPoint Presentation Template utilizes colors and dimensions correctly to vividly communicate your subject with 40 different neat table PowerPoint slides.



You can be a small enterprise or a large company, an executive or a team manager, in all cases, this collection of business PowerPoint templates will assist your purposes perfectly. Regardless of your presentation aim, your industry type, and the message that you have, you can use the set at your ease. All the 26 Business diagrams are fully editable, having very creative designs and smart objects and vector icons. Save time and effort while having your personal touch on the best business diagrams in 2023. Each template has many different slides that vary in shapes so you can use in many presentations and always have something new.

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